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Green Energy Solutions

Reduce your energy costs and find renewable options that work for your properties — all with no capital expenses.

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Make Your Business More Efficient and Sustainable

Upgrade your facility with clean air, water, and energy. No out-of-pocket costs for installation or maintenance — we’ll take on the financial risk for you.

  • Solar energy solutions
  • Efficient HVAC systems
  • Backup batteries and storage
  • Clean air and water


Find the Right Energy Solution For Your Facility

Commercial green energy

Stop worrying about whether rising energy costs will cut into your narrow margins. We offer highly efficient, renewable energy solutions with no out-of-pocket costs.

Restaurants & Hospitality
Restaurants & Hospitality

We’ll handle your energy needs so you can focus on creating the best customer experience. Our expert team will take on the financial risk as we decrease your energy costs.

Healthcare green energy

Energy costs, upgrades, and outages don’t need to distract from patient care. Our solutions can reduce your monthly energy bills and help guarantee system performance.

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Green Energy With No Upfront Cost

With no initial investment needed, you can get started on green energy sooner. Our team will take on the financial risk, so you don’t need to worry about capital expenses.

We will fully fund the installation and maintenance of your new renewable energy systems. Our solutions will add stability to your monthly energy costs.

Upgrade Your Energy With Best In Class Technology

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Solar Energy

Harness the power of the sun and reduce your reliance on fossil fuels. With our efficient, reliable solar power systems, you can save money on energy over time.


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Clean HVAC

Reduce your heating and cooling costs with a more efficient HVAC system. Our clean HVAC solutions can outperform traditional systems while using less power.


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Clean Air & Water

Provide your facility with clean air and find solutions for water conservation. You can deploy our industry-leading systems separately or as a part of a larger clean utility ecosystem.


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 Battery solutions

Store energy for on-demand use. Our efficient energy storage systems can lower your energy bills, qualify for tax incentives, reduce grid reliance, and meet custom facility needs.


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The Dependable Energy Partner You Need

LG’s Green Energy experts offer excellent service at every stage. Our team takes a collaborative approach to each project. From your initial energy audit, design, and permitting to installation, inspections, and maintenance, we are committed to clear communication.

Our contractors have designed and installed more than 5,000 renewable systems around the world. We know what works, and we can help you understand your options. You can trust us to do the job right.



Find Your Perfect Green Energy Solution


What Our Clients Are Saying

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"88% of all survey responses said “yes, they would recommend LG Resources to other businesses"

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