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Whether you’re conducting interviews independently or using professional staffing services, hiring new employees can be challenging. Using a professional staffing agency can be a great way to find the best candidate for the job and save precious time and money.

Some businesses, however, find that doing the hiring work themselves is a better option for their situation. The choice to use a professional staffing service or hire directly varies from business to business.

The Advantages of Professional Staffing Services

Professional staffing services can be a great way to hire new talent. Some of the advantages of using a staffing agency include:

  • They allow employees who would otherwise have to focus on the hiring process to keep up with other priorities
  • They are usually more cost-effective than creating a team of in-house recruiters
  • They can connect you with qualified candidates quickly, especially if you need an emergency hire
  • They have a large network and can provide a large number of candidates so you can make an informed decision on who you hire
  • They have extensive hiring expertise and use recruiting and screening strategies that are proven to work

The Advantages of Hiring Directly

Sometimes, professional staffing agencies aren’t a good fit when looking for the best candidates for certain roles. Some advantages to hiring directly are:

  • Your in-house employees have a good understanding of your business, its culture, and what type of person would be the best fit for the role
  • They are personally invested in hiring qualified candidates because they may end up working alongside them

5 Signs It’s Time to Hire Professional Staffing Services

Professional Staffing Services

It is ultimately your decision whether to hire on your own or to use professional staffing services. The choice depends on what is most suitable for your company.

If you find yourself in any of the situations below, it may be time to reach out to a professional staffing agency.

1. You Can’t Find Qualified Candidates

Some job positions and roles require hiring talented candidates with niche skill sets. Often, these highly competitive roles may make it harder for you to hire someone right for the job.

Working with a staffing agency can give you access to a more expansive network, which may make it easier to find someone with the skills you need. They can take the stress off by screening and reaching out to hundreds of potential hires to find someone who is the right fit.

2. The Hiring and Onboarding Process Takes Too Long

When a position remains vacant for a long time, it comes with hidden and unwanted costs. Your current employees will have more work on their plates and may struggle to finish all the tasks that need to be done.

Professional staffing agencies can speed up the process and find you a candidate to fill the role fast. The only things left for you to do are to conduct the last interviews and make final decisions.

3. You Aren’t Used to Hiring

If you don’t hire very often, it may not be cost-effective to employ a full-time hiring manager. At the same time, your team probably doesn’t have the same level of hiring expertise as a recruiter.

Staffing agencies offer all the hiring expertise you need. They can help with as few or as many candidates as you need.

4. You Have to Hire a Lot of Employees

On the other hand, if you find yourself hiring often, the recruiting and interviewing process may be taking up too much of your team’s time.

Using professional staffing services to handle your hiring can allow your employees to focus on other, more critical projects.

5. You Have a High Turnover

New hire turnover is costly. If employees don’t work out, their workload sits without progress until a new hire is on board. Your other employees may get discouraged as their own tasks pile up.

Staffing agencies can boost employee retention rates and hire appropriately qualified candidates who want to stay at your company.

6. You Need a Unique Candidate

Perhaps you need that diamond-in-the-rough candidate with a unique skill set and background. Again, a professional staffing service can help you reach a larger network and find the person you need.

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