Employee Retention Credit:  Up to $26,000 per employee See if you qualify

Customized Staffing Solutions

We customize our approach to your needs

At LG Resources, we know you don’t want just any employee. We customize our hiring and training processes to your needs and use comprehensive screening processes to find candidates with the skills, traits, and experience you’re looking for. We can even train candidates to site-specific job functions to create a pool of fully trained candidates for each site. Whether you need temporary manufacturing employees to help with your seasonal workload or a highly experienced executive to turn your whole organization around, we have the resources to provide the best staff.


LG Resources goes the extra mile to find and train the highest quality candidates for each role. As a result, our partners often see increased production and retention immediately after our employees get to work. We also provide a variety of benefits to help you save in other areas. By providing the best possible solutions for your needs, we give you the freedom to focus on what matters most.


LG Resources can customize and streamline the hiring process by training candidates for the site-specific job functions you require. While other staffing companies often fall short of providing the skilled candidates their clients need, we will do the training and onboarding needed to supply you with employees who are ready to get to work. We can even create a pool of fully trained, tested, and verified candidates for you to pull from to keep production at the highest levels.


LG uses efficient yet comprehensive screening processes to find higher-quality candidates for both permanent and temporary positions at all levels. We use multiple evaluative systems, including a proprietary rating scale, to accurately determine which candidates have the right skills, knowledge, experience, and other qualifications for each role. Between our extensive candidate pool and streamlined evaluation process, we can provide the staff you need, on time and on budget.


LG partners can qualify for our payroll service at no additional charge. We understand that payroll can be a significant time sink for organizations, so we take care of it to help you save time for the things that matter to you. After you begin working with us, you’ll never need to worry about payroll again.


At LG, we have the expertise to help your organization reduce workplace hazards and save on workers’ comp payments. We can manage the back end of your claims to save you up to 40% on your premiums. We can also provide recommendations to help you improve employee safety throughout the workplace.


LG clients can gain access to our healthcare savings program for just $20/month or less per employee. We offer discounts on surgeries, vision, dental, telemedicine, and much more. We can also provide underwritten solutions and hybrid plans to help you meet ACA compliance or otherwise improve your healthcare benefits. Your employees will thank you for these benefits in the post-pandemic era!

For Job Seekers

At LG, we care about job seekers as well as employers. We value giving hardworking people a sense of security by helping them find a relatively steady stream of work that matches their skills and experience. We also provide benefits you’ll love, like a $100 cash bonus for new employees, weekly pay, and access to our healthcare savings program.

 Are you looking for a job that uses your best skills and strengths? LG Resources can help match you with a role that makes the most of your talents. Apply with us to get alerts for new opportunities in your area so you can get a head start on applying to great jobs.


Staffing Solutions We Offer


LG Resources matches warehousing employers with qualified job seekers. We leverage our wide network and extensive warehousing knowledge to ensure each candidate is an excellent fit for the job.

General Labor

We match warehousing, manufacturing, trucking, maintenance, and industrial employers with high-caliber job candidates that will help you boost your companies productivity!

Skilled Labor

We provide skilled labor that will increase your companies output with highly qualified candidates for welding, CDL truck driving, HVAC, electrical work, and other technical and industrial roles. 

Clerical Staffing

We connect employers with highly qualified clerical workers who have the specialized skills they need. We work with companies throughout the lower 48 states and can provide onsite training and support in Salt Lake, Weber, Davis, and Utah Counties in Utah, Cumberland County in Pennsylvania, and the Kansas City area.

Professional Staffing

Our professional staffing division based out of Salt Lake City attracts and recruits high-caliber candidates for executive, technical and professional roles all over the country.

Customized Staffing

We tailor-fit our staffing services to your companies specific needs and provide you the qualified staffing and skilled personnel that will increase your companies productivity.


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