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IT and Tech Staffing

Find the Best IT and Technology Professionals in Your Area

There’s a severe deficit of workers with excellent IT and technology skills in many parts of the U.S. today. No matter what industry your company is in, you likely need someone to help with your website, office technology, apps, and other technology needs.

At LG Resources, we know how to find the highest caliber IT and technology professionals anywhere in the lower 48 states. Whether you are looking to hire an entry-level IT worker or a highly experienced software development manager, we can help you headhunt for an extraordinary new employee.

We can help you with recruiting:

IT Staff

LG Resources has an extensive network and plenty of resources to find knowledgeable, personable IT staff who can help with your company’s information technology. We understand that you need a candidate with both people and technology skills, and we can help you find someone who exceeds your expectations.

IT and Tech Staffing
IT and Tech Staffing
IT and Tech Staffing
IT and Tech Staffing

Web Developers

A great web developer can be the difference between a high-functioning website that pulls in customers and a significant loss of potential revenue. If your company is looking for a web developer or related professional, feel free to reach out to our team for assistance with finding and evaluating candidates.

Web Designers

Is your company looking for someone with stellar web design skills? LG Resources can help. We know how to attract and sift through design talent to help you find the right person to create the design and layout of your website.

Software Developers

More and more organizations need software developers to help them create, update, and expand their software applications. It can be hard to find someone with the skills you seek, but it doesn’t have to be. With LG Resources, you can gain access to a large pool of talented software developers and find the perfect candidate for your software needs.

Graphic Designers

Need someone with a great eye for visual details? LG Resources can help. We know how to find and match talented graphic designers with great organizations like yours.

Other Tech Professionals

At LG Resources, we can help you find highly skilled candidates for any technology position. We evaluate candidates for relevant skills, knowledge, and experience using comprehensive screening and other evaluative processes.

IT and Tech Staffing

Why Choose LG Resources as Your IT and Tech Staffing Agency?

LG Resources knows how to find and place the right candidate in each IT or technology role. We partner with employers like you to provide high-quality temporary and long-term staffing solutions. As a result of our strong emphasis on high-caliber candidates, we have a 96% client retention rate.

Our careful screening and evaluation processes enable us to ensure our partners get the highest caliber candidates at every level. Our staffing agency team will help you find the best person for each technology job, whether you need a highly experienced designer, a systems analyst, an IT manager, or additional help desk staff.

Beyond our IT and tech staffing solutions, LG provides clients with a wide range of benefits to help you increase business efficiency and focus on the work that matters. Some of our most popular services include:

  • Assistance with qualifying for tax credits
  • Access to our healthcare savings program
  • Free payroll services
  • Worker’s comp mitigation and workplace evaluation services

Our staffing agency team can help you find the right tech candidate right when you need them, and our additional partner benefits will help you save even more time and money. Let LG exceed your expectations!


Staffing Solutions We Offer


LG Resources matches warehousing employers with qualified job seekers. We leverage our wide network and extensive warehousing knowledge to ensure each candidate is an excellent fit for the job.

General Labor

We match warehousing, manufacturing, trucking, maintenance, and industrial employers with high-caliber job candidates that will help you boost your companies productivity!

Skilled Labor

We provide skilled labor that will increase your companies output with highly qualified candidates for welding, CDL truck driving, HVAC, electrical work, and other technical and industrial roles. 

Clerical Staffing

We connect employers with highly qualified clerical workers who have the specialized skills they need. We work with companies throughout the lower 48 states and can provide onsite training and support in Salt Lake, Weber, Davis, and Utah Counties in Utah, Cumberland County in Pennsylvania, and the Kansas City area.

Professional Staffing

Our professional staffing division based out of Salt Lake City attracts and recruits high-caliber candidates for executive, technical and professional roles all over the country.

Customized Staffing

We tailor-fit our staffing services to your companies specific needs and provide you the qualified staffing and skilled personnel that will increase your companies productivity.


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