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Meet the New LG Resources: New Services and New Websites

At LG Resources, we are thrilled to unveil the new and improved lgresources.com! Our revamped employer website makes it easier for you to find services and compare vendors in our new cost-saving solutions marketplace

As you may have noticed, we’ve expanded our service offerings into many new areas over the past few years. Our commitment to your success has driven us to evolve far beyond our roots as a staffing agency. LG’s redesigned website for employers and newly separate job seeker platform better reflect the services we offer today.

New Services Tailored to Your Success

LG Resources now offers a comprehensive suite of services that go beyond traditional staffing. As our client, you gain access to an array of cutting-edge solutions to make your operations more efficient. Here are just a few of our newer service offerings.

Employer Marketplace: Our extensive vendor network empowers you to compare services and secure competitive pricing for all your operational needs, giving you a distinct advantage in the marketplace.

Expense Reductions: Let our expert team help you streamline your operational expenses, eliminate billing errors, reduce overcharges, and drop unnecessary costs. With lower expenses, you can focus on doing more of the work that matters most.

Tax Credit Assistance: Our team will work closely with you to identify and qualify for various tax credits, including the Employee Retention Credit (ERC). We will help you optimize your tax benefits while staying in compliance with laws and regulations.

Employee Engagement Solutions: We can help you with innovative strategies to foster higher engagement. With a more engaged workforce, you will see increased productivity and employee retention.

Employee Benefits Consulting: Build or enhance your employee benefits program with our expertise in tax-advantaged options. Our team knows how to set up a benefits package that attracts and retains the best talent in your industry, all while saving you money. We can even help you set up a preventative health benefit at zero net cost.

Simplifying the Hiring Process

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At LG Resources, we want to make it as easy as possible to match employers like you with the right talent. To that end, we’ve launched jobs.lgresources.com, a dedicated platform for job seekers and workers. 

Separating our job seeker and employer websites makes it easier for both parties to find the right information. With a dedicated platform for staffing, your next star employee is less likely to get lost in the cracks of a website full of employer solutions.

Your Success, Our Mission

At LG Resources, we are deeply committed to your success. From our humble beginnings as a Utah-based staffing agency, we have grown into a nationwide employer marketplace, serving businesses across diverse industries. 

"Over the years we have been slowly migrating toward a full comprehensive Employer Solution company that can help any business owner,” said Troy Hyde, owner and CEO of LG Resources. “We are very excited about our site and our future direction!"

Our mission is to help you save money, build lasting partnerships with vendors, and create a thriving work environment that fosters growth and prosperity.

Find Your Next Savings Opportunity

We encourage you to take a minute to explore the enhanced lgresources.com. You’ll find a world of opportunities to reduce your business expenses and increase efficiency. 

Discover how LG Resources can empower your business with industry-leading solutions and seamless hiring support.


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